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Build and Made Antirheumatic and Antiaging Pyramids


Pyramid Research since 1973, Build and manufacturing since 2001
Anti-rheuma - Miorrelaxantive - Bacteriostatic - Anti-inflamation - Anti-oxidation - Sedative
Why and for what the pyramids?

You not need to believe



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Contact us without compromise
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and OsirisClub are unrelated to
and not sponsored by mystics, prophetic,
religious, political or pseudo esoteric organizations.
Its aims are purely scientific and commercial; marginal
from the activities or beliefs of its individual directors, partners and customers.

you can live
or sleep in a perfect
. Pyramids were,
are and will be very revitalizing
therapeutic rooms. Their effects have
purely physical results. They were never
tombs, but devices whose profits have been
discovered and applied to cure various diseases or
prevent suffering.

Sale of pyramids for yuor health

The pyramid is the best remedy for flu and many other rheumatics, sclerotic, traumatic and physiological diseases, as well as healing because it strengthens the immune system without drug intoxication and is also preventative due to its bacteriostatic effect and molecular tensioactivator. Pyramids have a physical effect without the risks of antibiotics. Instead of damaging the immune system, it is strengthened without the side effects. The pyramids work and are a myth. The pyramid effect is an interaction with the Earth's magnetic field. Indifference to it being the avian flu, swine flu, H1N1 or whatever the virus; the pyramid does not allow the reproduction of infectious bacteria therefore inhibiting putrefaction. Without infectious bacteria, viruses are not fed because there is no lysate and gene dispersion. Perhaps Pyramidotherapy is not a Panacea…but it's what comes closest.

Buying a pyramid is not an expense, but one of the best investments in life. Buying pyramids is easy because we use online payment methods guaranteed by PayPal. You can pay with your debit or credit card right from home. For us, selling pyramids is a work of consciousness. Now we would like to live in a world where no one needed to say "I sell pyramids." The manufacturing of high quality pyramids requires expensive industrial processes and materials to produce safe and effective pyramids, so it has been a challenge for our company. Making economic pyramids is limited to the woods, but requires much more weight to produce the same results. The best pyramids of wood are manufactured by our partners in Miami. Building pyramids is a technical and medical liability. We are often asked how to build pyramids spending little or nothing. It is like asking a plane -maker to build a plane that is both cheap and safe at the same time. The pyramid built correctly has these features: anti-rheumatic, muscle relaxant, antibacterial (bacteriostatic so as not damage the intestinal flora), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, sedative and all without side effects. A pyramid containing ferromagnetic and diamagnetic (including shoddy aluminum) is a risk that Piramicasa would never take, so we certify the quality of our products in writing.


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Pyramidal Products, we are manufactureds of pyramids, for sleep or live. Pyramid Bed and Pyramid houses.