Piramicasa has its main workshops in Spain and France, so we installed in person throughout the Spanish territory including islands, Portugal and France. If you want us to install in another country Contact Us.

The general and more economic for the rest of the countries is the shipment by air or land transportation. We also ship to Spain, Portugal and France but we recommend when possible, the installation in person.

Piramicasa has already sent its pyramidal products to various countries from the five continents.

We only send the aluminum part (pyramid structure), with the blueprints to make the wood part locally (base structure). We talk about Piramibeds, Hercules and Piramipets. The small Pyramids only have pyramidal structure and blueprints for supports or tables. We also built PyramidHouses around the world.


The cost of a normal Piramicama (Piramibed) structure sent to any country in America and Asia is 2260 € uros, and for the Hercules it is 4675 €. In most countries it goes door to door. At you can see up-to-date conversion to any currency. For Europe the cost is usually considerably lower. For Asia, similar to America, but for Russia it is slightly higher than European shipments. For Australia, consult us.

In most cases we get door-to-door service, with no difference in cost (to be confirmed in each case by our dispatchers). If you live in an urban area, you usually go door to door, or you can give the address from a friend or relative to receive door to door if you live in the countryside.


1) Structure of edges and perfect bases in aluminum of extreme metallic purity and with more silica. (About 25 to 29 kg, depending on measurements). The Hercules includes structure inexorably of 240 cm of side and eight flats (six of closing and two sliding doors with their rails). It is prearranged, so you just have to follow a set-up instructions and you can assemble it in half an hour. The Model Hercules, in an hour.

2) Parts and accessories of assembly, Basic Manual of Piramidology, Certificate of Guarantee, a manual riveter, all necessary rivets, compass, screws of high quality for the part of wood and four devices of orgonite.

3) Blueprints to the millimeter for each model of pyramid, For a carpenter to do the piece of wood locally (sending it would be unnecessarily very expensive). A carpenter can do all the woodwork and put it all together in one day of work.

There are also Blueprints to commission a local manufacturer a custom mattress or adapt to a mattress already existent, as long as it does not contain metals. If you have a good mattress, we need the three measures of it.

4) Complete instructions of assembly: It is very easy to assemble everything because all the pieces are numbered, but for the Hercules, being bigger and complex, although it is also all numbered it is recommended to call a carpenter because the placement of the pieces requires certain Skill in the use of the tools.

5) Life support on questions and queries, both by the Piramicasa forum and in private. You can contribute with your experiences or make clinical consultations that are passed to the doctors of our team anonymously, etc., but the personal data of our clients are handled with the strictest privacy policy. You have no obligation to report anything to us, although you may do so privately or publicly, however we have an obligation to protect your privacy and answer any questions you may have.


A) Room measurements (length and width) available for each pyramid. Remember that pyramids only work if they are correctly oriented, and you should also leave a minimum of passage, for convenience and functionality. If there are movable closets, etc. it is no problem. But if there are built-in furniture, these should not be considered within the space available.

B) Exact installation address (to determine the cardinal orientation of the building or house). We make sure it fits well because we can not sell a pyramid that will not work.

C) Height of the users or at least the tallest.

D) Mattress: If you will use a pre-existing mattress (that does not contain metals) or done to the measure. In case of using a pre-existing mattress we need to know its three measures to adapt the blueprint.

E) Preferred color for aluminum (white is the only one that is obtained anywhere) or if it is preferred only with the primer to paint locally before assembling. We can not send paint or anything liquid by plane.

F) Objectives of the use: If it is for medical reasons, for prevention or other motivations, so we can indicate the most appropriate model..


Hygia (80cm side) 595 € plus shipping (blueprints included to make table support with PVC)

Horus (60 cm side) 430 € plus shipping cost (blueprints included to make table support with PVC)

In both cases, for therapists who demonstrate that they are actually engaged in it, the cost of shipping is included as a special promotion and they are assigned a web document at Pyramid Centers and Therapists. As advertising showcase.


Three to four weeks for the Piramicamas and about four to five weeks for the Hercules, once payment is received, because it is in turn for processing. Sometimes this term is reduced.

If it is a necessity for serious therapeutic reasons (infections, injuries from accidents or other non-chronic ailments), you should notify us to speed up the process and shipping. In that case you would have to send to us some medical evidence, because as you can imagine, we have very healthy people who can wait the turn but also people who require the shipment with real urgency.

You are sent by e-mail a shipping statement and the flight document, to print out and withdraw from the airport or to present the transporter in case of obtaining door to door.


The purchasing process described below is not fixed, but serves to get a general idea of how to acquire our products. It serves both for in-person installation and for air or ground shipments.


Once you have chosen the product and determined the data indicated above, you can Contact Us by email or call us at (514) 561 30 91, or if you are in Spain or Canada send us your phone number and we will call you for free.



We will contact you again to respond to your request and we will talk until everything is clear, you can send us photos of the room to suggest better color options, etc.

We determine the date of payment and the date of shipping or installation, depending on the case.


We can send you an email from the Paypal page, and pay with any authorized card, even if you do not have Paypal account. If you have it and pay with Paypal balance is much better because there are no transfer fees and it is instantaneous. If you do not have Paypal balance the transfer cost is 3.7% of the total. By other means such as bank transfer, MoneyGram or Western Union, the commissions are paid by the buyer. If you do not have Paypal account, we have plenty of reasons accumulated over ten years to recommend you get a Paypal Account.


Once the payment is made we will proceed to send or install the pyramids according to the agreed date.

You can always ask us about your pyramid, we will be happy to assist you


Currency changes are calculated on the day of the transfer, according to Paypal, which gives the official change in all currencies. So we give price in Euros but it is determined at official exchange in your country according to Paypal.

It is not possible to make financing or installments (even locally) except with the Inverse Credit system. (It is being paid in three, four or five installments, and on having finished the payment we proceed to send or install).

The total of the order is paid previously, including the shipping costs that the dispatcher gives us, according to agreements and it is sent in the terms that we agreed upon.

Shipments outside Europe, between manufacturing and shipping, take between ten and twenty days to reach the destination, which may be the nearest international airport. Door-to-door shipping is possible in most cases.

A normal Piramicama are two or three packages, according to destiny. The one of the beams of the base (1.8 m to 2.30 m of standard), another one 10 centimeters smaller with the beams of edge and a box that contains assemblies, tools, accessories, orgonites, etc.

Very rarely there is any delay. There are problems outside of Piramicasa®, such as airline or driver strikes, customs corruption in many countries, or general strikes in the countries of origin and destination, etc., totally foreign to our influence..


Piramicasa's Professional Team and the Osiris Club neither have relation nor propitiate mystical matters nor prophetic, religious, political or pseudoesoteric. Its aims are purely scientific and to the margin of the activities or the particular beliefs of its executives, partners and clients.


NOTE: If you want to talk about a specific project or if you have any comment or question, we will gladly attend your concerns.



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