When you enter into a closed, solid or very dense pyramid of more than six meters by side (sometimes passing five meters) a curious phenomenon occurs: Each person experiences it differently, but it is almost always unpleasant. The symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. This does not happen in the pyramids of Egypt for example, because they are equipped with a device analogous to our "discharge grills", to control the pyramidal energy.
The "Chaos Chamber" of the Great Pyramid It is the hollow where it was part of that device, but in reality, the hollow itself is the device to some extent.
What was there, wherein the s. XVII found remains of lead and copper and later the soldiers of Napoleon removed the last vestiges, was a system that accelerated, reduced or allowed to graduate the passage of ions eliminated by the pyramid. In addition, the deterioration and truncated tip, significantly reduce the effect.
All the pyramids have these cameras, which vary according to their size and design, as well as the use that each one should have.
When missing the metallic part, these devices (that served for several things more) work very little and of unique way, without possibility of adjust the intensity of the pyramidal effect, for that reason many organically susceptible people (with a stomach loaded with positive ions) they decompose when entering the pyramids of Giza and others.

IT IS RECOMMENDED: Not to drink soft drinks for a few hours before entering to any of the great pyramids of Egypt (those in Mexico are disoriented and do not work or they do it to the minimum, and very few are open to the public).

The 1st Group Osiris was unaware of the existence of the camera of Chaos, since between 1984 and 1991, when was no internet, they could barely get a map of the pyramids in a book. It seemed like another hole, without major importance and without limited measures in the manuals, which on top of all, was closed for many years and we did not have any pictures.

When we discovered that a closed or very dense pyramid of more than five or six meters on each side, as well as those with a large mass (according to density), produce intense decompositions, we analyzed the matter and understood - thanks to a Brazilian doctor - that the reason for the discomfort is the too rapid elimination of free radicals, especially from the mucus of the stomach.

Although it is an extremely beneficial effect, the brain does not know how to interpret what happens and reacts according to its natural programming: getting rid of anything that has caused an unknown modification in the organism.

This effect is related to the size, apart from the density, because each grid of Hartman is about 2.1 to 2.5 meters on average, The grid Curry (in some sense more powerful) is about four meters. On having included more than one meridian of the grid Curry, the pyramidal effect is enhanced. But this last one we finished to understand a few years ago, thanks to the investigations of some Spanish geobiologists, especially Mr. Carlos Requejo and Mr. Daniel Rubio Guerrero, who have made great contributions and advances on the work of the "Father of Geobiology" Antoine Bovis ... Father who shares the Pyramidology ... Before we only knew what happens with the measurements of the pyramids and their density.

Let's go back to the 1st Osiris Group: Then, we thought, we cannot make pyramids to live, with more than six meters as normal or five meters maximum, as a precaution. But the engineer Arturo Weiss - technical director of a famous brand of electronics - offered to us his help and with his wisdom and under the physical parameters clearly expressed by Dr. Roberto Balmaceda, he managed to understand that the mechanism that produces the elimination of free radicals can be slowed down.

He designed for us a simple mechanism with a few electronic components, which we were able to test in two large aluminum pyramids (three meters of base and more than one ton of weight) and later in two pyramidal houses built in Brazil with our advice.

In the first one, because it was a three-story building, we were going to leave everything ready to put the grill after finishing the construction and try differences, but the workers began to feel effects as soon as the pyramidion (top of the pyramid) was placed and missing almost all completions.

We put the grill and they continue working without any inconvenience. On the day of the inauguration of the second house, the owner decided to make a test. Most of the people (almost all burlesque skeptics of pyramid energy) were in the courtyard and they had all been inside the house for a long time without feeling anything unpleasant. We deactivated the grill in the presence of more than ten people, among the architects, my companions, the owner and relatives ... We were all very, very hurried to enter the services.

We put the grill in its place and in a few minutes, everything was in order. Nobody ever returned to feel decompose, but the bacteriostatic, myorelaxant, sedative, antioxidant, etc. effects remain unchanged. Nothing rots in that house or in any well-built pyramid. In this second house that was built with the same plans, the grill was the first to be placed, but a device was placed to cancel or reconnect the grill, which allowed that test with the skeptics.

This camera works by physical principles related to magnetism, so it does not consume batteries or any energy, but it is as indispensable as the exhaust pipe for an engine. It is not necessary in pyramids of less than five meters and normal density, but if it is greater and it does not possess it, although there is no risk whatsoever in the case of paramagnetic materials, it will happen that people who are not accustomed to this intensity of effect will suffer breakdowns. They can last from minutes to hours. A very therapeutic decomposition, but unpleasant and avoidable.

In 1999, when I contacted experts in the Egyptian pyramids and could see photos and more data from the Chaos chamber, I understood, even more, the wonderfully advanced technology of the builders of the Great Pyramids of the World. They must not necessarily be been extraterrestrial (hypothesis as undeniable as unlikely), but the truth is that our greatest scientific advances are barely scratching the skin of the Ancient Science of the Pyramids. I do not know how much more we will advance and if we will "radiograph the bones" of this Science, but at least the pyramids serve to heal and take care of ours.

NOTE: Piramicasa discharge grills are installed free of charge by our staff. They are included in the sale of plans.

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