Vital Pyramid

Sleeping or living inside a Perfect Pyramid produces:

- More vitality, by tensioactivation and molecular restructuring, and accumulation of bio-energy (ORBs).
- Higher organic resistance, antirheumatic and antisclerotic effect due to molecular restructuring.
- For healthy or sick people of all ages. No harmful effects with our materials (Warranty).
- Cellular life prolongation (anti-ageing) due to its antioxidant effect without chemicals.
- Prevention and or cure of most human, animal and plant diseases.
- Invulnerability to infectious bacteria due to its bacteriostatic power.
- Deep relaxation, and the correction of sleep disorders.

It's a matter of awareness and priorities. We spend a third of our lives in bed.

The pyramids have many functions. Piramicasa makes them to live and or sleep in them, so you will achieve real, concrete and extraordinary results based on scientifically certified effects and without undesirable consequences thanks to the material we use.

1.- All ageing processes are slowed down, with no side effects. The anti-ageing effect occurs in all organs, every cell of the body. There are reports of menstrual period recovery in women with more than three years of menopause, after a few months of sleeping in a pyramid.

2.- Nothing rots inside a pyramid; therefore, infectious bacteria can't thrive. One can stay safe from bacterial attacks that cause most of the known diseases. Therefore, in the face of a biological war, the risk would be minimized or nullified, since viruses also depend on the lysate of bacteria and putrefaction to reproduce. That's why those who sleep or live in properly constructed pyramids can't suffer from influenza or any of the diseases so common in the population.

3.- The accumulation of organic energy (large amounts of neutrinos) produces quantum completeness in the atoms that make up our bodies. The organic effect manifests as greater vitality, less vulnerability to a broad spectrum of radiation, and natural correction of organic liquids and solids.

4.- As a result of the above, the organic functionality of all living beings optimizes. It prevents molecular degeneration that produces the so-called "degenerative diseases," as well as rheumatic ones and in acute cases such as wounds or burns, cell recovery accelerates significantly, It prevents all kinds of infections, the crushed or broken bones repair quickly, which in most cases even prevents scars.

5.- It inhibits infectious processes that cause acne, suppurative hidradenitis, hyperhidrosis, eczema of any biological etiology in their pathological form (impact is minimized and accelerates healing in eczema of chemical etiology.) Septicemia may never occur in users who live or sleeps in a pyramid. Still, people who don't have their body "pyramidalized" can successfully fight acute septicemia within a few days of therapy, using antipyramid.

6.- Due to the muscular and nervous toning resulting from all of the above, most sleep disorders disappear. The pyramid doesn't replace a massage, necessary in cases of contracture, but the result of a massage session will be several times more effective when the person sleeps in a pyramid or when previously treated with antipyramid. That is why many therapists also use them. Its effect and evident in ailments such as fibromyalgia, which disappears in weeks or months, or multiple sclerosis, which takes longer because generally fibromyalgia is only the prelude to sclerosis. We clarify that there are cases in which the pyramid has failed to stop the process of multiple sclerosis, which seems to have many possible etiologies. Some of them are not influenced by the pyramidal effect, mostly those of the psychosomatic type.

Vital Pyramid 7.- We must take the next factors into account, which makes the Pyramid Revolution in the world.
a) It's not invasive and works thanks to the Earth's magnetic field.
b) It doesn't waste electricity and is respectful of the environment.
c) For any therapist or non-hospitalized individuals, it's easy to apply.
d) In many diseases, it's much more affordable than current treatments, producing, among other effects, the balance of the biomagnetic pair.
e) It doesn't create dependency of any kind.
f) It lacks side effects in some forms of application and no risk in others by trained therapists or well-informed individuals.
g) Its bacteriostatic effect can fight even the "super bacteria" that have been warned by scientists, with the anticipation of being the leading cause of death over any other. The pyramidal treatment destroys all these bacteria without the risk of selective strengthening or generation of new strains.
h) It's compatible with any other therapy and generally adjuvant to them.


(It will only be useful if you have a certain degree of heterodox scientific training and especially in physics).

The pyramid being the geometric, physical, mathematical and alchemical symbol of Creation, fulfills several functions such as a) Energy accumulator, b) Matter restructurer, c) Interplanetary landmark and Astronomical Observatory, d) Initiatic Temple, e) Geomantic regulator and f) Therapeutic instrument.

Let's see what interests us at this practical level:


When the pyramid has the right conditions, works as a magnetic accumulator, because it's, as we said, an apparatus analogous to a gate in which part of the electronic flow of the telluric tattwas and nadis remains. The magnetic lines tattwas, exteriors, and interior nadis, which go inside the body - be it human or a planet -.

These electrons are trapped in the magnetic field of the pyramid until reaching a density inside, which by their arrangement forms a kind of "magnetic network," which capture neutrinos, due to the relative magnetic vacuum effect within the "Pyramid Egg," (internal vortex of the field) in relation to the rest of the magnetic field. These subatomic particles are fascinating travellers, as a neutrino could cross billions of kilometres of lead shielding or any matter. They pass through planets without the least resistance. But they can be trapped in the magnetic field, because they get involved in it, orbiting like one more electron.

The neutrino is known for the following particularities (among others):

Vital Pyramid 1.- There is no solid, liquid or gaseous matter capable of offer massive resistance to it. Still, its journey affects matter by ordering its molecular structures, especially in water, which is formed by five H2O molecules forming a pyramid.

2.- It travels slightly higher than the speed of light (300,000 km per second).

3.- It's part as an element among others, of all atomic particles (electrons, neutrons and protons) but also as a stable element with differentiated characteristics in the chakras of the human vital body and animals. Possibly even in vegetables. Although its function in plants hasn't been studied, we deduce that if it doesn't do so in the vital field, it's evident that it does so in the chemical plane.

4.- When the medium saturates with neutrinos, many genetic defects are corrected, ordering the atoms under a universal pattern of harmony. Although its mass is 13.7 to 14.7 million times less than an electron, its influence is surprisingly more significant in proportion.

5.- In living cells, the electric current delays the ageing process (because it eliminates free radicals and rearranges damaged or distorted DNA chains), but it seems that neutrinos contribute to this phenomenon. In dead cells, the accelerated dehydration stops decomposition processes. Still, some phenomena can't only be due to dehydration, neutrinos retain and improve qualities, without the deterioration of other dehydration methods, both in plants as in meats.

6.- There are several kinds of neutrinos. We could say that there are several kinds of subatomic particles with similar or equal characteristics, which enter into this denomination. They cover a broad sector of the highest part of the vibratory spectrum. Although they're found at rates close to the Human Auric Egg, they visible affect physical, mental, vital and astral bodies. Neutrinos - contrary to what was supposed until 1999 and in co-license with their discoverer - have a charge and mass, 13.7 million times smaller than an electron.

7.- The vibrational rate of the magnetic field in which the neutrinos are involved, is increased by their own vibrational characteristics - much higher than that of the electrons and protons together - and the harmonic acceleration of the atomic cycles acts as an assistant in the intake of energies (matters) even more subtle, like "Prana" in all its modalities. Prana is simply all forms of supersubtle matter or energy that a living body takes advantage of for its functioning. Prana is food, water, air, but more specifically, it's "ether," as scientists call the "spirit" as a substance, whatever its manifestation. Remember that matter and energy are the two general modes of "spirit" as substance. Matter is energy in a state of relative rest and energy is matter in a state of relative motion.

Vital Pyramid The pyramid, once correctly placed, begins to capture electrons that incorporate into its own field, which becomes increasingly powerful. Forming inside, the "Pyramidal Egg," which is a kind of "relative magnetic vacuum," where electrons from the telluric magnetic field don't cross or do so very quickly, and barely manage to pass other particles from solar radiation, etc.. Consequently, neutrinos occupy that place by natural tendency. The accumulated "neutron energy" serves every major body or superior organism, as we said, under universal harmony patterns; therefore, organisms benefit thanks to "selective asepsis," in which bacteria, viruses and all microorganisms of a distortive or pathogenic nature die. Recall that these destructive microorganisms do not exist in the Universal Mind of the Absolute, existing in the Creation of the Logos only symbiotic bacteria (which interact beneficially) with higher organisms, or saprophytes (that undo organic waste). But the parasitic bacteria (which attacks and make a body sick to death) are not in the "Universal Plan," they appeared as a result of genetic manipulations at some point in the long history of the world. The benefits of the pyramids in a solidary civilization are many, but among them is to prolong cell life.


Vital Pyramid

1- ANTIPIRAMID: One should not remain above or below a pyramid (except in its therapeutic application) but inside or outside, at the same level, above the base. There is no risk in the case of pyramidbeds in modern buildings because it's very easy to avoid the formation of antipyramid. Ideally, to treat water with pyramidal energy, it should be placed at a third of the height (if the pyramid is three meters high, the most appropriate point is one meter from the floor). In general, the most significant benefits are within the central dimensions of the structure.

The pyramidbed or pyramidhouse should be oriented to sleep with the head towards the north, to take full advantage of the effects of electric current. During the eight or nine hours of sleep, the body will continuously be "swept," eliminating free radicals. The activity of the total magnetic field produces a segregation of distortive atomic elements (heavy ions, free radicals of oxygen and every other gas, electronic excesses, etc.), and such segregation occurs in a 15% above and 85% beneath the pyramid, forming their respective "antipyramid," which aren't "virtual," but material, we can't see them, but magnetically they are very real and effective.

There are not neutrinos in the antipyramid; instead, all those particles that would produce the opposite effects of pyramids in a certain way. It's not that harmful stuff accumulates under or over the pyramid, because the same telluric magnetic field disperses them, but the amount of these at some point is enough to cause discomfort, depending on the characteristics of the pyramid.

Many therapists treat their patients under a small pyramid. Still, it's clear that these treatments with small pyramids are performed in short periods of time, achieving results similar to electromagnetism or the biomagnetic pair, but without risks when respecting its use "antipyramid." Currently, the combination of both applications has a remarkable success. But, it's not the same to remain under a very large pyramid. That's why our pyramid-houses may have a basement but with certain precautions in the construction and its use. If you are interested in building your own home, you can hire our advice.

Vital Pyramid 2- CAMERAS AND GRILLS OF DISCHARGE: The underground chambers (beneath a pyramid) serve to facilitate the distortion of magnetic flow, while maintaining certain functional levels, helping to avoid discomforts that, although benign, have some susceptible organisms. That's why the builders didn't worry about beautifying or revoking the walls of the underground chambers. In the pyramids, either due to its aluminum structure or the metal contained inside (structure, artifacts, etc.), the accumulation of static exceeds acceptable levels, so by installing static discharge grills and slowers of the heavy-ion flow, all magnetic excess is discharged there. To do this, keep in mind that the grill is not a very simple design.

In our pyramidal houses, because they are pyramids for residential use, the grills will be three:
Discharge of magnetic control.
b) Lightning rod and metal structure, and
c) discharge of the electrical installation. Never, for any reason, do these grills connect, having the land spears an adequate distance from each other.


The dimensions, characteristics and location of the pyramidal constructions were not out of random factors, but it was taken into account all the necessary knowledge for their multiple purposes. If interplanetary navigators arrive on Earth, they'll find in the pyramids a vast amount of geological data that the mass of this civilization does not know for many reasons. Lately, several teams of serious researchers have made important discoveries, resonating with frank Love for the Truth. We have discovered among many other things that:

Vital Pyramid 1.- The size of the largest pyramid of each set is proportional to the land area of the continent or subcontinent in which they are (at the time they were built), in relation to other groups, being the case of Earth, Cheops, the largest and fundamental parameter, because 30,370 years ago Africa had a greater land area, now occupied by the Indian Ocean, and several parts of Asia were submerged. The meridian that crosses them divides exactly -as when they were built- the land surface in two, of the whole world, towards the East and the West, and with some difference (the smallest possible geographically and strategically) towards the North and the South. Possibly, at some time, it divided North and South exactly, if we take into account the difference mentioned above in Africa, plus the remaining islands of the sinking of Atlantis, about fourteen thousand years ago.

2.- The exterior of the Egyptian pyramids was covered with large white limestone stones of various thicknesses, which made all faces perfectly flat. They were coated with hieroglyphics whose content we know very little today. More than the climatic factors, it was the destructive hands of several civilizations that made the entire cover disappear, recently finding some of the stones, being part of houses of ignorant people who used the pyramids as simple mines.

3.- The faces of the mistakenly called "Cheops" aren't four, but eight, because they are "split" in the middle forming angles of just 27 minutes (the circle has 360 degrees and each degree divided into 60 minutes, and these in 60 seconds). Eight are the Metaphysical Principles. Eight are the Spheres of Consciousness. The Eight represents the infinite, and all the finite manifests itself in pairs of opposites (Principle of Polarity). In addition, this imperceptible division for the naked eye produces the "lightning effect" or Heliophany, seen in the spring and summer solstices, at 06:40, in which the shadow of the west edge of the South face, moves from left to right (from East to West) for about 20 seconds. Afterwards, the western part illuminates, and the eastern part is in darkness. This effect is also seen during the equinoxes, at approximately 5:20 p.m.

4.- The accuracy of measures and techniques applied in the construction of the pyramids - especially those of Cheops, Kephren, Miserinos and the two pyramids of Snefru - are impossible to achieve even in the best times of the IV Dynasty. All the later ones were made with distant remnants of the knowledge used in the first ones.

5.- The units of measurements used on the pyramids and the distances between them, the sarcophagi in the inner chambers, etc., are measures of both metaphysical and astronomical importance. They applied the "pyramid meter," equivalent to 1,047901 m, and its half called "Egyptian elbow," 0.5236 m, which corresponds almost exactly with the quadrant of the earth meridian. They also knew and applied wonderfully the universal mathematical coefficients PI and FI. PI is 3.141652 ..., and FI is 1.618 ..., whose inverse is 0.618 ... and its square is 2.618 ...

Vital Pyramid 6.- The pyramid is the most earthquake-resistant construction. Our Pyramids can resist winds of up to 250 km / h. The pyramidal complexes are arranged in such a way that allows many astronomical appreciations, so many to write an entire encyclopedia.

The therapeutic uses are widely indicated in the book "Revolución Terapéutica de las Pirámides" by Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas and Gabriel Silva, and many more technical and archaeological data in "Tecnología Sagrada de las Pirámides."

Meditation in a Pyramid.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva