Wilhelm Reich discovered a part of the cosmic energy that surrounds us, naming it orgone energy, or orgone, there are two classes or at least two counter-polated effects of the same energy. The orderly and biologically useful, which he called Biological Orgone (calling the corpuscular formations ORBs), as well as DOR (Deathly Orgon or Mortal Orgon). We use both terms. Let's see their functions, how to manufacture and use them. Take your time and read carefully, because you won't find better information on the web, in a general and practical way. Piramicasa only replicates the information collected by diverse researchers and is not the author of the claims about its effects; it's scientific information found in various technical and scientific social Internet channels.

The only thing we can recognize for sure is that the orgonites help to stabilize the magnetic field produced by the pyramid, making it work correctly in many cases where "magnetic anomaly" a type of pathologies (those that affect the compasses) could decrease or alter the Pyramid function. The other factors explained may be subjective, despite the abundant knowledge that thousands of manufacturers and experimenters have.

The orgonite is a modern and simple device, tested by Piramicasa in practice with excellent results, advancing enough to clarify some little known points, that far from being a "fashion," is a technology of the best interest for all to know a bit more, but especially to those who use and or manufacture them.

Although we haven't been able to make quantum measurements (neither qualitative nor quantitative) in this matter, the empirical experience, the methodical experiments and the information collected from decades ago on quantum physics, indicate no risks when they are correctly manufactured and used, and the benefits are multiple, in the short and long term; however, there are risks with some poorly made devices.

The orgonite produces in part, the same as the pyramid: Accumulation of neutrinos, but with more complex mechanisms. It doesn't replace the general functions of the pyramids at all. Still, both the orgonite and the pyramid reproduce a series of phenomena that Nature does on macro and micro scale to conserve and improve Life.

We discovered in 2007 that the pyramidal field becomes more stable with the use of orgonites, apart from increasing the production of neutrinos. Only at that point - production of neutrinos and not in the same amount - does the orgonite resemble the pyramid.

The First Osiris Group, which in the 80s didn't know much about Wilhelm Reich's work on geobiology and orgonomy, had fascinating findings, almost identical, and being able to make quantum measurements, we called "pockets of neutrinos," certain natural quantum clusters related to the vitality and the pyramidal effect, since these clusters are composed of a stable type of these particles, the "tauonic-T."

Wilhelm Reich did his job half a century before, but there was no Internet, and the US government kept a very thick veil over the discoveries and technology developed by this scientific genius. His work was perfected in some aspects and widely disseminated by Don Croft, but many secret services worked since 1955 on this technology. The terms that Reich gave to the pockets of neutrinos was OR (ORgon), considering it beneficial in itself, while the opposite DOR (Deadly ORgon) or Mortal Orgone would be composed of other quantum particles (not with neutrinos), atomic particles and destructive effects.


The process isn't complicated, but you have to be aware that polyester resins or similar are toxic. For the first time, don't worry about aesthetics. The important thing is to make them right. The aesthetics will interest you if you want to market them later. Still, in any case, you must make them right, without any other metal than aluminum, without cables or more advanced things that require other knowledge, without getting too far from the proportion. High purity Aluminum isn't required as in the Pyramids, but make sure it doesn't have other metals.

Prepare components:

Molds: The best are silicone ones, not affected by heat, the resin doesn't stick to them, you can use them a hundred times, etc. If you don't have in the nearby market, get glass molds. The problem with glass is that the resin sticks, and you have to spray wax (furniture) to be able to peel off the orgonite the next day without having to break the mold. If you leave them in the glass mold, they work the same. Other options are those of tin or aluminum, used for baking.

Then the quantities of material are calculated to make the correct proportions. There are two formulas, but for a homemade, the most appropriate is to filter, which are those of more general utilities and without risks of counterpolation. This formula is of equal parts of the components by volume, (not by weight), for example:

- 1 jar full of glass (without metals, avoid mirrors).
- 1 jar (of the same volume) of synthetic resin, of pine or any other (they are all of organic, and their result is the same).
- 1 jar (of the same volume) of aluminum shavings. The second formula is more complicated because it depends on the resin you have. If it's very thick, you'll have to use less aluminum, but that's really "by eye."

Essential precautions: Wear thick rubber gloves and glasses (if you get resin or catalyst in one eye, you'll remember your great-grandpa or mine). Wear activated carbon mask; if not, use what you have, but never do this in a closed place or without a mask and glasses. The resin emanates an invisible, odorous, but very toxic vapor, especially when already mixed with the catalyst. The aluminum chip gives off very light particles that will go to your lungs. If you live in an apartment and don't have an open area, better buy them.
Put the glass in the molds: glass beads, crystalline quartz, or white amorphous quartz. They give the same result. Calculate it to occupy a third of the mold, but you put only "half" of the calculated. Keep the other half for later. You have to do that before mixing the resin and the catalyst because it hardens quickly, and won't give you time to arrange things in the molds.

Then, mix the polyester resin with the hardener (or catalyst). Calculate the quantity for all the molds well, because if you make too much, you will end up with a resin pot with aluminum, which without glass won't work as an orgonite. It happened to me, so I add the glass and ... a majestic but expensive orgonite for the garden.

Follow the instructions of your resin. If you put more hardener, it will dry very quickly. If you put less, it will take too long to set. In any case, you never too much because it will harden excessively, and turns fragile. Pine resins have other formulas but are rare to find.

Separate one fifth of the total resin, for last-minute arrangements. You can do it already mixed or leave both (resin and catalyst) calculated without mixing.

Once mixed resin and catalyst, stir ten seconds and add the aluminum shavings (you get them in any aluminum shop, and they will thank you because it's not easy to recycle). Stir that which will be like a thick puree (add the aluminum little by little). If you see that it's too thick at a point where you haven't use the total volume of aluminum, don't worry. It's a thick resin, and you won't need all the aluminum. It will work the same because "thick" resin molecules make up the difference.

Pour it into all molds halfway (each mold). Then add "the other half" of the separated glass in step 1, and then complete pouring the resin with aluminum, leaving a little space (Very little) to pour a bit more resin without aluminum separated in step 4. That will make the surface (which is the bottom of the orgonite) flat, without aluminum or glass tips. We recommend for your first manufacture to make orgonites of various sizes, but not necessarily conical, pyramidal, etc., until you get the hang of the process. You can make them tiny as if to hang with a chain around your neck. You can pierce them with a 0.2 mm drill.
In ten or fifteen minutes, everything will be hot. Don't stay there breathing the resin. Wait until the next day to unmold.


1) Deadly or negative orgone or DOR - Deathly Orgon - when depressive and ORANUR when it's exciting. Originally, ORANUR referred to something else: An experiment which means ORgon Anti Nuclear Ultra Radiation, that's an orgonic field ("quantic" field that theoretically could oppose or cancel DOR produced by nuclear explosions.) A failed experiment within the Uranur program killed some people and, with them, Wilhelm Reich's research.

2) Neutral orgone (OR), although it seems innocuous, is necessary for life and will tend in natural conditions to become Positive Orgone.

3) Positive Orgon (POR) which is always beneficial.

Properly manufactured orgonite devices produce a large amount of POR (Positive Orgone), canceling and dissolving the negative Orgone (DOR), partly counteracting directly and partially reducing the biological impact of a broad spectrum of high-frequency waves, reducing the biological damage caused by low-frequency geomagnetic alterations.

Don't confuse the following things, which are very different, although we rely on the same physical principles and move in the simplest practical field of quantum:

orgonites a) ORGON ACCUMULATOR, made with continuous layers of conductive metal (preferably aluminum), poorly conductive metal (silica, glass or quartz), and organic material of animal or plant origin. Theoretically, plastics also work, but the only one we use safely is polyester resin, as pure and transparent as possible, so the colloids don't interfere with organic function. Vegetable resin would be the best. The accumulators, when used in the form of floors for houses, blankets, cameras, armchairs, and beds, shouldn't have metals. The sand used on floors must be quartz, without metallic minerals. It should only contain coal, wood, and glass. The best ones (chambers, blankets, and organic floors) are those with successive layers of coal, fiberglass, and animal wool (or wood and glass).

Pyramids made of aluminum, wood, and glass can never produce DOR or URANUR; they only produce POR.

It's possible to make part of these accumulators, interactive with filter orgonites (which do have aluminum chips). There will be no production of DOR or URANUR, not even near a nuclear power plant. The warnings in this regard are valid for cloudbusters in general, as for accumulators that carry metal and poorly made orgonites. Don Croft's orgonites are dangerous if they are not cleaned every so often with a pyramid. Not recommended because they eventually invert their activity and generate DOR.

b) ORGON EMITTERS, which are Don Croft's orgonites, and cloudsbuster, used to cause rains or to avoid them. It's the most complicated and risky part of this technology. We suggest that researchers use aluminum pipes, never copper or iron. Use aluminum shavings, not copper or iron, aluminum cables, not copper.

The organic accumulators of several bodies, which carry metals (even aluminum), as well as cloudbusters, are dangerous for curious researchers without scientific training. Users are advised to use only normal orgonites, and the geopathies routers explained below.

c) ORGONITE properly said, there are three kinds.

orgonites Some are specific "transmuters" (those of Don Croft) that at the same time function as emitters, as the cloudbuster but in a reduced environment. And they can be dangerous if not used correctly. They aren't recommended to use by the poorly informed.

Others are "routers or inductors" used in geobiology to concentrate a geopathic pillar and direct it as a concentrated beam upwards. These carry only resin, quartz, scattered aluminum, and copper spiral. They clean a geopathic environment and do not alter the local magnetic grid. They are handy, and the dangerous thing would be to stay right above them. It's not necessary to clean them, and they don't generate URANUR or DOR. The same geopathic "chimney" keeps them clean. Some may also be called "concentrators," if the spiral is well placed, more powerful, but fulfill the same function.

Lastly, there are the "filters" that have many benefits, not dangerous at all, and are easy to make. They consist of equal parts of resin, quartz, and aluminum shavings, in dispersed form, not necessarily in layers. They don't carry spirals of any kind or metal ornaments, or anything other than their pure components. Likewise, you can make them aesthetic using glass marbles, plastic glitter (in small quantities), and quartz of various kinds.

orgonites Some designs are to circumscribe the action of a geopathy (a geopathogenic site is where living organisms get sick from low magnetic frequencies of the telluric field). Orgonites with spirals inside, especially conical, are often used to make a geopathy that for example, one meter in diameter, is concentrated to about two or three centimeters and becomes a fine and powerful column, which without disturbing the Hartmann, the Curry and other Earth's magnetic networks, are no longer dangerous in the environment.

Logically, never stand above them. Flat orgonites, truncated cone type, without spiral, are often used to cancel geopathies, but are less effective than spiral conicals in that sense. Still, you can use them to cancel the effects of electrical transformers at home. For this purpose, we use more pyramids of orgonite, with bases of between 15 and 30 centimeters, with proportions "Al Ahraum" (The proportion of the Great Pyramid of Giza).

orgonites This pyramid-orgonite model is used to place in very powerful geopathies, or near the Phone chargers, modem, etc. The wi-fi modem emits radiation that makes the legs hurt to people who are nearby, others feel it in the head. The best way to avoid most of the organic effects is by canceling such radiation, which with appropriate orgonites doesn't produce any interference with the functions of the wifi, the computer or the telephone; it only cancels the part of the spectrum corresponding to the DOR, as a spontaneous quantum filter.

You should never put them under chairs, sofas or beds, any of these pyramids. Not even those of normal orgonite, the antipyramid that forms also has effects (regardless of the effect of the orgonite). This one, in particular, should only be used by an expert in the field; unfortunately, few geobiologists know how to use orgonites and pyramids. Piramicasa provides free advice on the correct use of these devices.


It's precisely where more bad information exists, as many recommend not to use it; but, it's a paramagnetic that, in combination with quartz, emits a magnetic field of 440 Hz, in tune with the average of all living cells, but also producing ORGON of type POR (positive, beneficial effect). Others speak of its "toxicity," but that is only valid if inhaled or ingested by using aluminum pans, cutlery, and jugs. So don't use aluminum in the kitchen, but there's no problem in primed and painted pyramids, and if the orgonites are covered with resin.

orgonites The biggest problem of many orgonites, cloudbusters, and orgone accumulators, is that copper (in shavings, wires, or tubes) is used and is like in pyramids, a dangerous metal. In inductor orgonites, copper can only be used for the spiral, but nothing else. They still work very well if replaced by aluminum wire.

I'm not saying that cloudbusters (emitters) and accumulators that only carry aluminum can never produce DOR or URANUR, but so far, it hasn't happened in my experience with orgonites, some cloudbusters, and accumulators. If you are near a nuclear power plant (less than fifty kilometers in a straight line), you shouldn't use cloudbusters or accumulators, but only simple orgonites with aluminum and no other metals.

Filters made of aluminum, quartz, and resin (in equal parts by volume) only generate ORGON and not only stabilize the pyramidal field, but the same pyramid field (faster than any other magnetic field) constantly cleans them.


Well, these are large amounts of neutrinos, especially the most stable modality, which produces quantum completeness in the atoms, therefore more functional stability in the molecules and, consequently, better functions in the cells and all non-saprophytic living organisms. In this aspect - remember - they resemble the pyramidal effect. The pyramid is a kind of orgonite in that sense.

The fact that the resin covers everything doesn't interfere with the function of an organic filter since it's not an "accumulator," but a filter that inhibits the destructive biological action of part of the radiation and microwave spectrum, bringing them closer to 440 Hz, leaving them outside the range of biological danger in a radius approximately ten times the size of the orgonite.

For example, an orgonite of 10 centimeters in diameter will keep a two-meter diameter sphere quite protected from geopathic radiation and will mitigate in that area the impact of many other radiations on living cells.

Those made with copper or ferromagnetic shavings can be dangerous, but we don't have many reports or experiences with them to determine the degree of risk. Only some experiments where we have verified that the same thing happens as with the pyramids, therefore, to take into account the following:

orgonites COPPER (and all diamagnetics): Very dangerous
PARAMAGNETICS: No dangerous if some basic guidelines are respected, they are not used in accumulators, but in pyramids and filtering orgonites, as well as in cloudbuster tubes and other devices reserved for scientists.

There are many serious and rigorously scientific works on Wilhelm Reich technology; the problem is that very few have been done in independent laboratories. One of them was ours, between 1984 and 1991, but related to pyramids on my part and to quantum research (especially neutrinos) by the two scientists I had employed in those years. We didn't know the relation with Wilhelm Reich's work.


a) The hundreds of photos from the quantum laboratory, full of pyramids (very closely related to the function of the orgone, but we didn't know it) appeared so full of spots that we stopped taking pictures because at that time, was very expensive, and it looked like a streak of bad luck. Failed reels, perforated diaphragms, the electromagnetic devices we had, high humidity, etc. As neither the physicists nor I thought to publish anything, since our research was kept secret for multiple reasons, we finally gave up.

orgonites It took me ten years after closing the laboratory, to find out that the BIONS and the "pockets of neutrinos" are the same thing, without understanding that we were photographing them, the fricking spots were the same we saw as spheroids in some mathematical models on monitors.

b) Between 1980 and 1983, I worked in a scientific team of the Argentinian Army (another subject), but since I'm very "kibitzer," I fraternized with scientists from other teams finding out (and participate in experiments) about Wilhelm Reich technology. However, when we were studying the neutrinos, I never imagined the relationship between the rains we produced with cloudbusters or those we avoided.

A few experiments here in Spain taught me more things, but obviously, we talk about something that although it has its "dark side" for the risks of any functional item, will never be as harmful as if this technology were - and well developed - in the hands of those who govern us from the shadows.

This technology is great in combination with the pyramid, but also independently since considerably reduces the effect of many radiations, electromagnetic waves, and other DOR producers. The orgonite is a device that mimics a very abundant process in Nature, which is quantum reorganization through the interaction of metallic and organic elements in alternating layers or random dispersion. This process is equivalent to absorbing the DOR (destructive orgone) and convert it into POR (Positive Orgone). It's the same subject. That's why orgonites aren't "accumulators," but filters, converters, precisely like the earth itself, with its metal parts, abundant silica, water, and its organic cover. In natural "planetogenesis," before there is a fertile layer on Earth, oil is the most abundant organic element of the most natural orgonite that exists: The earth's crust.

orgonites NOTE: We say "Positive ORGON," but in reality, the predominant electric charge in that matter is negative. The term "positive" refers to the benefit of its effects, not the technical issue of electric charge. In the same way as the electrical charge of positive ions, it's "negative" in terms of harmful.

The best metals to fulfill these purposes, to interact with pyramids, are paramagnetics (Aluminum, silica, platinum, titanium), and we see that copper in orgonites is as dangerous as in pyramids. Although some geobiological devices are manufactured with iron, copper, and others, none has to do with the organic protection of the environment. That's why we only use the most practical, economical, and safe: Aluminum and silica (Quartz is silica oxide, and glass is silica with other compounds - forming silicates - also paramagnetic).

The standard Pyramidbed as all pyramids larger than two meters of base, has all their orgonite devices. The small therapeutic and those of utility in the kitchen, only have orgonite in some designs. We must consider that any of our pyramids also works as a great orgonite, although their effects are much more complete. And both elements (pyramids and orgonites) have excellent interaction. Orgonites contribute with more ORBs to the pyramid and help stabilize its field in some circumstances where there are small magnetic anomalies.


It serves to avoid the effects of radiation produced by television and radio antennas and almost the entire spectrum of mobile phone radiation. It doesn't interfere at any time with the signal. On the contrary, by cleaning the remaining radiation, it eliminates parasitic waves, so to an extent improves the image quality of the television, whether analog or digital. Let's clarify: It doesn't replace the antenna, nor it collaborates with its function, but simply eliminates harmful organic radiation produced by the rebound of waves on walls and objects.

One of these can't nullify the powerful effects of a telephone antenna, which are very unhealthy. Still, it's sufficient to nullify the harmful effects of one or several phones, and it doesn't accumulate DOR, as Don Croft models or any other that carries components of copper or other metals. The protection against microwave radiation is quite high but not enough in a direct impact. It decreases, like the pyramid, the harmful effect on living cells. It almost wholly transforms the remnants of emissions, the most environmentally damaging part for organisms.


We manufacture Kits upon request, according to the plan of the house or workplace. A basic kit for a house, consists of eight pieces. (€ 320) If you use a microwave oven, you need another three (a special kit that costs 96 Euros), but we don't guarantee total safety in this aspect since microwaves usually have radiation leaks with which no orgonite can, in addition to destroying the vital quality of food and the molecular structure of water, which is the cause of innumerable health problems.

* Shipping costs anywhere in the world are separate. You can request them by sending plans of the house or the area to be covered, to with the subject "Orgonites Order."

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva