Piramicasa cannot provide data of its clients, but those who have received organs in liver transplant, kidney transplant or any other, can use regular Pyramids as Hercules models or live in Pyramidal Houses without any risk and with all the benefits derived from the pyramidal energy. Little by little, they stop relying on antirejection drugs.

We have among others, a fascinating case, of a person who recovered his kidneys after a transplant.

The explanation of the benefit of pyramidal power in transplanted patients is not complicated to understand, if one has some basic knowledge about molecular mechanics, although a thorough and scientific explanation would require the reader to understand at least the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. However, we intend this article to be understandable to all public therefore we will focus on the subject without very technical words.

In the Basic Manual of Pyramidology and other documents on this website, you can learn more about why the pyramids work, using the Earth's magnetic field. Implies an extremely natural magnetotherapy adjusted to the values ​​of our world, with half a gauss in the atmosphere and a gauss on the ground. What we get in the first place in biological applications, is that nothing will rot inside the pyramid. Neither in macro nor microscale. There is no disordered decomposition at the molecular level, but molecular restructuring. So the infectious bacteria cannot thrive, because to do so they produce agents that trigger the cell lysate (by rupture of the cell membrane) and these lysine-like agents or variants of it, remain innocuous in the pyramidal environment, even within the bacteria that tries to produce it and then feed on the decomposed cellular matter.

Some infectious bacteria go into autolysis (programmed destruction, but in this circumstantial case) by not being able to feed themselves, most remain inactive until they die of starvation, without more, so that they do not scatter their remains in the body. The symbiotic bacteria of the intestinal flora and the phages, or any other component of the immune system, do not have problems with the pyramidal effect because nothing of the body tends to destruction. Cellular autolysis occurs sometimes, but most tends to self-recovery, except for those that have suffered very severe damage or have entirely completed their life cycle, which lengthens considerably in the pyramidal atmosphere.

It also happens that decomposition by hydrolysis (both cellular and invasive bacteria) is drastically reduced by restructuring the water molecules, which, as we remember, are in fact composed of five H20 monomers... So instead of exploding (lysate), the infectious bacteria die and are eliminated from the organism by its various means. All this complex biological mechanism only occurs in the environment of the magnetic field of the pyramid, therefore cannot be understood from the chemistry and mechanisms known by cytology, orthodox pathology or the various related disciplines. Not even taphonomy (a discipline that studies decomposition processes) can understand the pyramidal effect yet, in the absence of interdisciplinary with quantum physics. In short, NOTHING ROTS within the pyramid, few or no cells or bacteria release gene material, because even those that go into autolysis do not have their own lysate, but they are lyophilized, they are dead as they are, ready to be taken out as garbage."

So transplanted people (like any other) do not need to take these antibiotics, which indiscriminately kill infectious bacteria and symbiotic bacteria, leaving the patient without intestinal flora and without immune system ... But let's talk now exclusively about transplanted patients.

See pyramidal treatment in postoperative


There are two factors that produce rejection and are on the one hand the existence of intrusive agents (bacteria and sets of molecules of a different order) that were already in the organ of the donor. On the other hand, the vibratory "tuning" of that organ, something that doctors can not comprehend until they understand interdisciplinary sense, that we are composed of corpuscular matter as for its quantum counterpart: the wave material, that is to say, "vibrations" from the mechanistic point of view. Each person has a particular "vibration," and however closely related the donor and the recipient, the quantum vibration of the removed organ and the transplanted one will never be the same. So let's see why the pyramidal effect generates an anti-rejection effect, which is explained above because it does so without destroying the immune system or the intestinal flora, or any other organic function or system.

1) Patients are not only left out of the risk of infections, although they have been taking suppressive drugs of the immune system, the cells (and all their molecules) that make up the transplanted organ, are in a short time of exposure, free of agents intruders, the cleaning of intruders of the transplanted organ (elimination of bacteria, other microbes and various enzymes, proteins and pro Tobias in general) occurs more quickly due to the optimization of body water. This pyramidal water dissolves stones, nodes of organic waste, etc., and removes them more rapidly from the body. In this way, the agents of the immune system stop attacking the organ because there are no intruders in it.

2) At the same time as the above, until the last molecule of the transplanted organ is refined in a "single note", which is what prevails throughout the body, and is the average of 440 Hz of the magnetic fields of living organisms. Little by little, the grafted organ will be "tuned" to the receiver's own vibrations, but meanwhile, a series of affinity lines are traced as the molecules are reconstituted to their most basic and functional forms. From the quantum point of view, the "vibrations" discussed above are determined quantitatively and qualitatively by different subparticles, but when a molecular reconstitution of water occurs throughout the body, including the organ of transplantation, sub-particle levels, as well as its functions are equalized in all the molecules, therefore the quantum properties are matched at the cellular level and consequently at the organic level. The same goes for all other molecules, but those of water are those that start and determine the rest of the process.SiMaFo Effect (Magnetic Sympathy of the Form), although they take longer than water, they will finish correcting its structure, quantumly completing its atoms. The SiMaFo Effect is what determines that the water, being pyramidal (formed by the interatomic tension lines) and one of the most malleable compounds, is the first to be restructured in a pyramid that has the same proportions.

While there are still false "skeptics" who revile our independent research work, in Cuba tens of thousands of people have been treated successfully by pyramidal therapy and in the rest of the world, the most open-minded (especially when they do not get results with orthodox medicine) relies to pyramid therapy as a last resort. More than three thousand people in other countries, mainly in Europe.

Although a resounding success has been achieved so far in the few cases of organ transplants, as in all diseases treatable with the pyramid, it is possible that in some of these cases they would not have required a transplant if they had used this technology before.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

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