Ageing Our Beloved Piramicasa, founded by Viky Sánchez and Gabriel Silva in 2001, consists of a set of Intellectual Rights registered in several countries. The philosophy that led us to create it was very clear: We work for the New Humanity, but necessarily based on market rules. Wouldn't be possible otherwise in a capitalist world. Our products are partially handmade, although we can also offer them industrially.

We have the capability in Europe to offer products like the Pyramidbed and Pyramidhouse in the quantity you like, thanks to the companies we hire for each part of the realization. It has represented a significant challenge since it was developed by a multidisciplinary Scientific and Technical Team. Recently, market experts joined. The Osiris Team, which gives scientific support to our advances, is formed by more than forty professionals living in Spain, Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and France, and with many collaborators in other countries, with support from five direct associate collaborators and with representatives in several countries.

Piramicasa is not a commercial "company" nor is it registered in any country, because it's much more than a "company," unless the scientific community and governments standardize the technology we manage. It's not priced (nor will it ever be) on the stock market. It's not to "make money," but to produce a technological revolution that is already underway, in conjunction with other technological and scientific developers. Piramicasa legally works and invoices with different names, but the name "Piramicasa" is priceless, is not and will never be subject of market fluctuations, of foolish and changing laws, or corrupt governments. We have intellectual rights records in five countries and industrial matrix in Argentina, Brazil and Spain. Basic materials produced in Germany, France and Spain for Europe and in other countries for America.

Our products, like any innovation, have obstacles that we overcome step by step, thanks to dozens of collaborators and thousands of users who have trusted us.


Here is a summary of what has been achieved in the field of research and dissemination of the pyramids and their therapeutic uses since 1927, when the French researcher Antoine Bovis rediscovered the pyramidal effect. Then, from 1984 to 1991 and from 2000, when we founded the Osiris Club, plus a bit of my own experience.

For some, it will seem insignificant, for others a gigantic step. For current users, a fundamental change in their lives.

For me, I'm only satisfied to contribute to making a Better World. However, despite the advances and unveiling the "mysteries," we still have a hard fight ahead: To fill the world with pyramids, such as did those that now occupy an evolutionary step far superior to ours, within the Natural Kingdoms of the Universe.

Antoine Bovis rediscovers the pyramidal effect in the Great Pyramid and reproduces it on a small scale. His experiments are known to several scientists and technicians, but no one devoted as much time and neurons as the Czechoslovak engineer Karel Drbal.

Karel Drbal asked for the FIRST PYRAMIDAL PATENT, capable of regenerating the edge of razor blades, lasting tens of times longer than usual. As a phenomenon, it's indisputable but unexplainable back then.

With the replacement of the director in the patent office in 1958, Drbal continues in his efforts, convincing the new director to repeat the previous tests. He agreed and formed a consulting committee with dozens of notable men and the help of a high-rank military who arranged hundreds of soldiers in the experiment. After three months, no one changed their razor blade when they should have done it at least 18 times. The Director awarded Drbak the pyramid patent with No. 91,304 / 59.

Mr. Julio Gutiérrez of Mendoza, Argentina, aware that Drbal had sold more than one million small pyramids in Russia and Eastern Europe, performs a series of experiments and is dedicated to the dissemination of the subject. The emergence of disposable blades made its commercialization unviable, but not because of the inefficiency of the pyramid, but because of the lack of interest in the market.

Gabriel Silva. I began in Mendoza, Argentina, with less than 14 years of age, my experiments with cardboard pyramids from the works of Julio Gutiérrez. After three years of impressive and sometimes dubious results, I met him and adjusted the modality of the experiments. From now on, almost all our pyramids -of very diverse materials- work, and the achievements are increasingly concrete and predictable.

1984 to 1991
After finally getting rid of my deforming arthritis with a pyramid (I already had ten years of experiments) for these synchronisms of life, we founded the First Osiris Team, with Drs. in physics Balmaceda, Valdez and the mathematician Sánchez Gómez, plus an extensive peripheral team of doctors and biologists, discovering in six years the physical causes of the Pyramidal Effect: Accelerated field formation, exclusion of free radicals, molecular restructuring in general, quantum completeness due to abundance of neutrinos (the "bions" or Biological Orgon of Wilhelm Reich), the phenomena of magnetic sympathy of the form, the true molecular -polymeric- structure of water, etc. In 1987 and 1988, the architects designed under my guidelines and indications, two pyramid houses of high cost in Brazil. They do not serve as references given the economic-social status of the Users, but we gain much experience that's useful now.

Since 1987, due to some articles published in South America and the USA, I received several letters requesting information on pyramidal matters, which allows architects from several countries to build the best and most functional pyramids in existence today.

2000 to 2006
Not having abandoned but attenuated the research for nine years, being dedicated to other disciplines and art, in 2000, we contacted Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas, who had been practicing pyramid therapy for several years on the locomotor system. The Internet allows us to interact, exchange information and promote worldwide the dissemination plan for the discoveries. Various physicians and really skeptical Cuban doctors, begin to make their own experiences, most under strictly official protocols and methods, under our indications and suggestions. Agronomists, beekeepers and ranchers were also interested, all very satisfied with the effects achieved (elimination of ascosferosis and varroa in honeycombs, recovery of farm animals and cattle, improvements in crop yields, etc.)

Tired of searching without results for investors who would like to take advantage of our knowledge and discoveries, I understood thanks to the biography of most men who have revolutionized science and technology, that I should do the same: Deal personally with imposing the pyramids the world. I created a virtual community and began to manufacture experimental pyramids. I improved the design of the pyramidal house, and we elaborate other smaller products, obtaining material such as high purity aluminum from Germany, already discarding the wooden pyramids and their various inconveniences, like poor durability. Since 1999 I was sleeping in the first Pyramidbed because I needed my Beloved wife, Viky Sánchez, to verify the effects of the pyramid on herself. Users are infrequent, but as experimenters increase, also the convinced in several countries increase.

We joined forces with Markus and José Luis García; we carry out the industrial matrix for the Pyramidbed and others model, which is improved and begins to spread. We started to manufacture Pyramidbeds industrially, with extruded aluminum profiles at exact angles, with the highest purity material from an industrial laboratory. I improved the designs of the wooden support and elaborated the Pyramidbeds as a product worthy of the most demanding aesthetic criteria.

I find my self in the possibility to level up in my comfortable, cheerful and profitable artistic activities, but doctors and physicists in Cuba are adding up to the pyramidal work, as well as many more sales are happening. I find myself now in the dilemma of continuing with "my thing" to go to higher-level scenarios or continue with the pyramids. I have some disappointments with unethical people who sell the information I give away but degenerated with promises of panacea and false spirituality. I'm convinced that if I don't stick to the laws of the market and deal with greater dedication, there will be no pyramids for anyone.

The Director of the Department of Physics of the University of Pinar del Río, Dr. Elio Crespo Madera, sends me an encouraging message just when I'm in full disjunctive between personal convenience and ethical responsibility. Then, a large batch of messages followed from various parts of the world, as if they had agreed and knew my uncertainty. Finally, with the agreement and unconditional support of my wife, I decided to face the challenge of dedicating all my time and resources to the manufacture and sale of pyramids. There is no longer a secure income. There is no applause during the job, no cash at the end, but false mocking skeptics, theorists and mental onanists foaming from the mouth, insults and garbage on the internet and by phone at any time. The risk is high, the commitments many, hard work and abundant ingratitude. But a man must be consistent with his ideals and even more with his knowledge and convictions. Part-time is worth nothing. Ing. Silvia Iraola Herrero, Lic. Julia Calzadilla, Dr. Elio Crespo Madera, Markus Jaume Sala, Sergio Gaído, Marcelo Bengoechea, Pablo Giorgetti, François George, José Luis García and about thirty other companions of the Osiris Club, are contributing support in various ways. Still, the Skeptic Digital Harpies appear at the top positions of search engines, even with our own keywords, causing economic and moral damage. Phone calls with threats, other burlesque and offensive follow one another along with e-mails with all kinds of insults and opprobrium, practically every day, between 2001 and 2005.

A balsam arrives. Until the middle of 2005, the heroic and constant work of Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas (which includes the free edition of the book "Energía Piramidal ¿Mito o Realidad?", motivated many skeptics to investigate), receives a dozen endorsements by hospitals and military and civil clinics, veterinary and agricultural hospitals, as well as other technical and scientific entities, about the reality of the pyramidal effect, having practiced therapy on more than twenty thousand patients, hundreds of animals and even in beekeeping, eradicating with insignificant costs the scary ascosferosis that decimated the hives. Threats and insults are already very sporadic. The Cuban government launches a methodical and strict investigation nationwide against rheumatism in any symptomatological form.

Following this line and with increasing number of applications to extend the use of pyramids in the health system of almost the entire country, at the end of the same year the National Scientific Council of Natural and Traditional Medicine of Havana issues the verdict on PYRAMID ENERGY, although to avoid terminological discussions with some physicists, wisely delivers it as PYRAMID EFFECT, making the opinion effective in December 2005, recorded on the official Cuban website.

Also, in 2005, an excellent documentary about pyramids was published in the "Año Cero" magazine, reaching more than 50,000 people in Spain and America. Thanks to the first beneficiaries of the pyramid effect (in Spain and southern France), I'm invited to several radio and television programs from various parts of Spain.

The book "Tecnología Sagrada de las Pirámides" is published thanks to the invitation of the Director of the SEIP Pedro Amorós to participate in the EKOS collection. Shortly after, I started with Dr. Sosa Salinas "Revolución Terapéutica de las Pirámides" as a continuation of the first one, plus a summary of the achieved in Cuba, with abundant information on utilities and therapeutic procedures. We are no longer bothered by false skeptics.

The results obtained by hundreds of people in Europe get them interested in our Pyramid Houses, which motivates us to launch the Geode Project, gestated for more than fifteen years. We are doing very well, and we are starting to spread our products to several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. We hope to have more support from doctors and therapists from around the world who apply pyramids, as well as more users who, in addition to benefiting themselves, will contribute to our work.

While we continue to manufacture and improve models, reaching about 138 at the end of 2008, in April of that year, we went to Cuba to bring some pyramids to our Osiris Club comrades. In 20 days, we gave 13 conferences in medical, engineering and architecture institutions and universities in Habana, Pinar del Río, Camagüey and Cienfuegos, apart from a series of meetings with civil and military health authorities of that beautiful country. Undoubtedly, Cuba is a country where human values prevail over the rest, and that's why pyramid therapy is an excellent tool in its magnificent healthcare system. We received news that pyramids have been discovered in Bosnia, but we can't say anything more than although we don't know anything concrete, it doesn't seem impossible. There's very little information in favour and a lot against it.

We started the year with course proposals, workshops and conferences in both European and American countries. At the end of that year, were a total of 14 workshops and eight conferences. The manufacture of pyramids of different sizes, especially Pyramidbeds, continues despite the "crisis." In Bosnia, that of the largest pyramids in Europe (at least one) remains a confirmed reality. Meanwhile, we've made new and magnificent experiments, improving our designs. We end the year with five hundred eighty-five Pyramidbeds installed in Europe.

The progress curve becomes more noticeable. We begin to export with more intensity, especially to America, with about 70% of orders from outside Europe. We contact with Osmanagic, the discoverer of the Pyramids of Bosnia. We are happy because the man proves to be a real archaeologist. He hasn't submitted to international pressures; they haven't silenced him. I think this discovery is in archeology, as important as ours in physics and medicine. If Semir Osmanagic remains firm, it's possible that he will totally revolutionize historical awareness regarding the pyramids and many other related things.

We run out of vacations, with a massive amount of work in several countries, we've done more experiments, discovering new applications. I receive in February a message that comments on a device to produce electricity without cost, using pyramids. The invitation to go to Bosnia is pending, because new users and experiments take priority, but things are burning. Zahi Hawass and his gang try to destroy the research project in Bosnia. For our part, Osmanagic has all the support of the Osiris Club. In Egypt, it seems that Hawass ran out of string, but we have no definite news. The political changes in Egypt haven't contributed to overthrow academic tyranny.

Despite the crisis, we continue to work more and more. The year ends with the manufacture in France. As almost every year, a new trip to Egypt has been fantastic, with lots of photos and new discoveries. We have begun to rewrite history, but also, with very concrete demonstrations.

We don't stop, and the little time left we have is enjoyed in Egypt. We see the possibility of unifying our workshops in Portugal or Brazil since the Spain taxes overwhelm us and margins are minimal. One way or another, we move on.

After four years of intense research costs, financed by the sale of books and the increase of users in different countries, we were able to determine different applications of the pyramids, which we had prudently left aside. We keep moving forward, and all the revenue from our work goes to more research. We are increasingly aware of the importance of our work and that we open a "portal" of utilities with the pyramids, comparable to the discovery of the wheel or fire. Since 2014, the interaction with a very select group of therapists increases and enriches our knowledge regarding applications, especially in medicine but also in other areas, such as agriculture, beekeeping, veterinary, etc.

We start the year with new discoveries and start manufacturing various products, providing scientific advice on various matters related to pyramidology. Still, we continue to work in other countries and hope to end the year with industrial manufacturing in Argentina for all South America.

In June of this year, we started manufacturing all Piramicasa's models in Argentina. In Spain, we have been fighting for a year and a half against political and economic corruption, which uses health officials from Castilla La Mancha, to try to charge us for "false advertising" and other administrative infractions. It's as if Spain (and more precisely Castilla La Mancha) had interference in a scientific matter of which they don't know anything, and that has a universal effect. We'll continue to report this matter as we carry out the relevant legal actions against this New Spanish Inquisition.

Thanks to everyone
Piramicasa Gabriel Silva