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1) COPYRIGHT: The texts of articles, the published books, the explanations and answers, as well as almost all of the photos and drawings,are intelectual property of Gabriel Silva, except those legally authorized or shared as coauthors and cooperators, among others Dr Ulises Sosa Salinas and the contributions of some members of the Club científico Osiris. In every case the corresponding author is mentioned. The use is exposed in the following issue.

2) It is authorized the diffusion, reproduction, copies including the material translation of this web, including the books on-line in other Piramicasa pages, only under the legal agreements and/or ethical established between The Author and collaborators, media and private. The practical use of the information is authorized, under the exclusive and total responsibility of the users, respecting the marksmanship, patents and registers of intelectual rights of the Author and of Piramicasa. Photos and images provided by third parties, can only be reproduced through their authorization.

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4) It is expressively in any country or territory the use of the commercial names of Piramicasa, Piramicama, Piramascota, Piramicuna, Piramidorrio, Pirámide Vikyta, Piramisekhmet, as well as the association of public domain names of some of the products, or similar ones which could cause confusion in the users, customers or potential customers, these and other names being registered under intellectual property in Spain and other countries, and also in the web publications (therefore of international value), in the books, as well as in the in the registries of the intellectual property of Spain. Especially in the Valencian Community of all the products.

5) The use of all the designs of the Piramicasa products, for private companies are authorized being them the only responsible for modifications realized on such designs, as well as the damages that may be caused or caused to third parties by negligences, application errors by the differences of qualities of the materials used or by the incompleteness of the knowledge about the products and their uses.

6) Piramicasa does not claim a monopoly of knowledge acquired for decades by its proprietor and by the Club Científico Osiris members, but reserves the right to discourage any project of defective realization that might be harmful for people, animals or plants for an inappropriate use of the pyramids, because that would hurt the customers as well as pyramidology as technical-scientific discipline.

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8) The website contains links to pages from which it is not responsible in any sense or effects, although it is tried that the quality of contents and relation with our activity is the correct one.

9) Piramicasa is a set of intellectual rights of international scope, of functionality and of atypical legality, since it sends its products at cost price from and to several countries, it strictly respects legality in its activity
, charging its director only the Scientific Assessment, being responsible for the installation, only, when they are carried out by his own personnel or contracted by him... The responsibility for the shipments is shared with the transportation companies from which Piramicasa is a client, but neither Piramicasa nor the transporters are responsible of the problems that might arise at some customs because of the corruption of its employees, or the surprise measures of income restrictions in some countries.

10) For other legal aspects, please see our privacy policy below.


1. The author, Piramicasa, or the Club Científico Osiris and its members and colaborarators GUARANTEE THAT:
a. In this web there are no pornographic material nor legal restrictions of any kind for minors.
b. It does not contain texts or aggressive images to normal psychology. The images of medical characters like photos or injuries drawings, etc., do not constitute an excessive stimulus for susceptible persons.
c. It does not contain images or texts that are hurtful, ridiculous, cynical, pejorative or offensive for particulars, although some scientific theories are relegated with some humor.
d. It does not promote any kind of racial, sectarian, mystical,religious or political orientation. Some metaphysical concepts should not be confused with mystical or religious matters, but understood as a Metaphysical Science, unrelated to any belief, framed in the scientific method, studied under anthropological psychological, physical, ethical, physical ethical and all what superior sciences do.

2. Regarding the medical use of the products, Piramicasa is complied with as far as possible with the regulations and indications issued by the Centro Nacional de Medicina Natural y Tradicional de Cuba, as well as the advances achieved by the medical teams leaded by Dr Ulises Sosa Salinas and other therapists from several countries, therefore it only guarantees the physical effects, physiological, chemical and biological described in the certifications, books and the material of the website of technical information. However thanks to the experience of decades of El Autor and practical knowledge acquired in the investigations, he reserves the right to extend the non-invasive method, required by patients, without any harm of any other non-destructive therapy.

3. The information provided is technically exact in terms of modalities of practical use of the pyramids, recommendations and precautions, endorsed by international valued certifications, thus we consider they have sufficiently explained in the scientific aspects. So, some theories (exposed and explained), might not be exact or explained, although we pretend to make them clear to the language of any person who completed the instructions of complete primary school.

4. The use of the Piramicasa products is appropriate for all ages people and health conditions, including pregnancy, newly born babies or elderly persons, without side effects, or any risk for the indefinite use of our pyramids. There is psychological incompatibility in persons addicted to "strong drugs", especially morphine and cocaine, so that the pyramidal effect accelerates the elimination of the substances, producing the syndrome of lacking before the normal time. Thus it might contribute to the process of detoxification but it requires medical supervision and express will to abandon habits of This nature.

It is restricted only the use of pyramids in the function " anti-pyramid", recommended exclusively by therapists and doctors, or particulars with medical supervision, under this PROSPECT.


1. General: our clients' privacy and collaborators, is sacred.
Piramicasa keeps the minimum amount of its clients' possible data in maximum security, encrypted out of computers that connect to internet, also out of offices addresses, workshops and personal addressed.

The images that appear in websites are the users' who have authorized and their data are not supplied.

The only way of direct contact but anonymous among users is the moderated forum of Piramicasa of Google Groups . The particulars' addresses of our clients are only known by the installers, infailingly managers and/or the Piramicasa partners, authorizing the work of the employees only in agreement with the client.

2. Therapies: Data provided by treated patients with pyramidal therapy, as well as the doctors and therapists in every country how and where and before they are authorized or requested by the client.

3. Piramicasa is an entity dedicated to the investigation, assessment, manufacturing, sales and installation of therapeutic pyramids, preventive and/or, according to the medical recommendations and under the protocols of security established by the Consejo Científico Nacional de medicina de La Habana and other medical institutions as well as with the assessment of doctors and therapists from different countries with a great experience in its applications. Thus Piramicasa is not a sanitary center nor acts as such.

4. Our products are elaborated according to the standards and approvals of materials for the European Community, which are acquired in Spain and other countries. The artists that elaborate the artwork accessories of the Pyramicamas VIP will only know the final clients when these authorize their contact or reference, acting in default Piramicasa as only intermediate contact, with the capacity to legally certify as necessary, the originality and authorship of the contracted works.

5. Regarding our pyramidal houses, we undertake in the same way not to exhibit internal or external photographs, except when the proprietor authorize it in writing or himself publishes them in internet or any other graphic media.

IMPORTANT (Piramicasa Foundation)

The amounts paid for our products are destined to the Piramicasa Pro-Foundation which will have registers and venues in several countries, including Peru, Argentina, Portugal and Spain. So they are considered a necessary donation to continue the work of the scientific investigation about actual and historical applications of the pyramids. They do not fund any government entity outside Cuba nor any other university. The corresponding delivery notes are made on the gross cost of the raw material of the products.

In the prices customs costs are not included, which which are very variable according to time and country totally unrelated to Piramicasa.

Gabriel Silva


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