Pyramids Gize

Pyramids Gize

This Pyramid Mansion Model is based on the "Vital" Model, but consists of four pyramids, forming an ultramodern housing of great style and surface. In total, 484 m², plus the upper floors of the four pyramids, close to 600 square meters.

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The total price varies as in all models, depending on the various options, such as location, terrain conditions, interiors, and other factors. Ask us without obligation.

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GizeEach pyramid has its function, but depending on how they are related to their orientation, the power increases in an effect that we call "pyramidal concatenation."

The internal distribution conforms to this phenomenon, caused by the pyramidal effect. Concatenation maximizes the effect also to preserve food, seed conservation for an indefinite period and many other advantages and applications of the pyramid. Actually, the Gizé-4 is an ultra-modern high-tech mansion. Seismic resistant, with strong resistance to winds, even hurricanes.

Living inside a correctly constructed pyramids, with the right materials and reverse engineering, applied to discover the Pyramidal Effect, represents a guarantee of life against most of the degenerative, rheumatic and infectious human diseases, sleep disorders, a large number of dysfunctional and physiological ailments, usually caused by molecular distortion of body water, in what geobiological circumstances and "sick houses" typically have a good part of its etiology. Our service includes a geobiological study of the terrain.

Other commercial options include an exceptional landscaped environment with Feng Shui standards, under the direction of one of the world's most accredited experts.

Do not forget that it's more than a house, it's a habitat where a lot of ailments have no possible place

Initial contact

- Once you have chosen a product; Contact us by email with any questions you may have.


- We get back to you and communicate until everything is clear.

- We determine the dates for payment and shipping or installation, depending on the case.

Payment & Shipping

- Once made the payment via Bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union or Paypal depending on the case, we proceed to send or install the pyramids according to the agreed date.


Gabriel SilvaBuying a pyramid is not an expense, but one of the best investments in life. The purchase of our service of "advice and material contribution for pyramids" is secure and guaranteed. For us, the diffusion and use of pyramids is a work of conscience. We would like to live in a world where there is no need to "sell" our service.

The manufacture of high-quality pyramids requires expensive industrial processes; the materials have been a challenge for our team. The manufacture of economic pyramids is limited only to those made out of wood. However, they require much more weight to produce the same results as high purity aluminum. The construction of pyramids is a technical and medical responsibility.

The correctly built pyramid has these characteristics: Antirheumatic, myorelaxant, antibacterial (bacteriostatic, doesn't damage the intestinal flora), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, sedative and all that without side effects. But a pyramid containing ferromagnetic or diamagnetic materials (even those of poor quality aluminum) is a risk that Piramicasa will never take. That's why we CERTIFY in writing the quality of our products.