Pyramids for Pets

Pyramid Pet

This technology has a large number of therapeutic applications, the same results found in humans, animals, beekeeping and agriculture.

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From 60 cm up are suitable for most pets. For smaller sizes, we use other materials, depending on what type of animal will use it. Please CONTACT US. Thank you.

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1) Structure of edges and perfect bases in aluminum of extreme metallic purity and with more silica. Pyramids 3 mm thick and 100 mm wing, with perfect angles (not just assembled pipes).

Cover of alveolar polycarbonate of different thickness, or treated marine board, according to size and place of installation.

Indoors, the pyramids can be structural.

2) Parts and accessories of assembly: Basic Manual of Piramidology, Certificate of Guarantee, a manual riveter, all necessary rivets, compass, and four devices of orgonite.


Pyramid Pet Pyramid Pet

Also, for beekeeping, pyramids have great importance. The pyramidal effect protects against various diseases and eliminates by the application of antipyramid (the field that forms below the base) ascospherosis and other pests. Honey production increases between 20 and 25% in treated hives. The ascospherosis decimated the hives in Cuba, until its eradication arrived with minimal costs, only using pyramids. The treatment for ascospherosis consists basically of antipyramid application, but there are more complete beehive therapies with longer-term effects, adding advantages to the same therapeutic process.

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- Once made the payment via Bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union or Paypal depending on the case, we proceed to send or install the pyramids according to the agreed date.


Gabriel SilvaBuying a pyramid is not an expense, but one of the best investments in life. The purchase of our service of "advice and material contribution for pyramids" is secure and guaranteed. For us, the diffusion and use of pyramids is a work of conscience. We would like to live in a world where there is no need to "sell" our service.

The manufacture of high-quality pyramids requires expensive industrial processes; the materials have been a challenge for our team. The manufacture of economic pyramids is limited only to those made out of wood. However, they require much more weight to produce the same results as high purity aluminum. The construction of pyramids is a technical and medical responsibility.

The correctly built pyramid has these characteristics: Antirheumatic, myorelaxant, antibacterial (bacteriostatic, doesn't damage the intestinal flora), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, sedative and all that without side effects. But a pyramid containing ferromagnetic or diamagnetic materials (even those of poor quality aluminum) is a risk that Piramicasa will never take. That's why we CERTIFY in writing the quality of our products.