Piramicasa is a company as atypical as its products, with suppliers and workshops in various parts of Europe and America, although its management office is located in Spain. Our beginning in September 2001, making pyramids, represented a great victory for the memory of the French researcher Antoine Bovis, re-discoverer of the Pyramid Effect in 1927 and for the Czechoslovakian Engineer Karel Drbal, who in 1959 obtained the first patent on a pyramid device to recover the sharp edge of the razor blades, as well as to hundreds of investigators who were fiercely fought by diverse spurious economic interests, or censured by tyrannical states in the service of such interests as Wilhelm Reich and many more after the "Iron Curtain", or the concealment of Nicola Tesla's technology in the West.

IMPORTANT (Piramicasa Foundation)

The amounts paid for our products are destined to the Pro-foundation Piramicasa that will have records and headquarters in several countries, included Peru, Argentina, Portugal and Spain. So that they are considered to be a necessary donation to continue the work of scientific investigation on current and historical applications of the pyramids, which no governmental entity finances out of Cuba, nor no university. The corresponding delivery notes are done on the brute cost of the raw material of the products.

Gabriel Silva

Our sales campaigns, with the exception of a few ads in Europe during 2008, have not had large investments in advertising, as we have preferred to continue investing money and time in scientific, technical and design research. On the other hand, there have been very few media that have contributed to the spread of this subject, which is a real revolution in the way of living, not only in terms of therapeutic benefits.

The "Star product" is undoubtedly the Piramicama, since it is not so easy to move to a Piramicasa, but - except for some exceptions for rooms too narrow and bad oriented - it does not take much to replace the obsolete bed with a bed of the 21st century. Hygia and Horus models are used by holistic therapists, a few doctors who begin to open their minds to authentic medicine (outside the interests of the pharmacopoeia) and also beekeepers, who have managed to eliminate the risk of various diseases on hives, or seedlings that improve the quality of the seeds, preserving them indefinitely.

The Hercules pyramids have been in total 37 until June 2014, and like the other models, have been distributed in Spain, France, Portugal, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. We sorry we can't provide further information because we strictly comply with our privacy policy. The total of Pyramidal Beds excluding Hercules models, between 2001 and January 2014 reaches 1260 units, with a total of 2412 satisfied users and with a perspective of exponential growth, since our company takes off with a practically unlimited expansion policy. In July 2014 the total reaches 1300 units with 2483 happy users, as well as users of beds not manufactured by Piramicasa, but with material and / or plans supplied for, It exceeds 1000 in diverse parts of the world.

Piramicasa Gabriel Silva

TRAVEL TO EGYPT WITH GABRIEL SILVA - Scientific and initiatory journey for all ages


Piramicasa's Professional Team and the Osiris Club neither have relation nor propitiate mystical matters nor prophetic, religious, political or pseudoesoteric. Its aims are purely scientific and to the margin of the activities or the particular beliefs of its executives, partners and clients.


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