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Therapeutic Pyramids1- Rheumatic diseases of any kind, ethnological and any other chronic. Thousands of cases treated, no failure. In all cases, we are talking about Piramybeds and Hercules. Hércules model is four times more potent than the normal Pyramidbed.

2- Degenerative diseases like Fibromyalgia, Multiple Esclerosis, Side Amyotrophic (ELA). Few cases (less than one hundred until 2013, no failure). Time for healing: weeks to notice effects, months for a healthier life. Some years for a definitive release of all the symptoms, having faster results when combined with neuro-emotional therapy. In all cases, we refer to Hercules models. With regular Pyramidbeds, the time for healing increases considerably, but with good results as well.

3- Bacterial and or Located infections chronic and acute in different organs, including septicemia with a broad bacterial spectrum, Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis, sinusitis and many others similar, as well as conditions of the prostate. Thousands of cases, no failures. In some cases, Pyramids Hygia and Horus were used, but Pyramidbeds and Hercules remain infallible. Time of healing: From weeks to months. None took more than eight months in the most severe and chronic cases, many of the problems disappeared in hours (which in bacteria's lifetime is up to two generations.)

4- Viral diseases: It hasn't demonstrated direct antiviral effect, but viruses need a large lysing of bacteria and cells to extract genetic material and reproduce. Without macro or microcosmic putrefaction, there is no field for the development of viruses; many cases, no failure, almost always with combined naturopathic therapies.

5- Rare diseases: rare diseases are usually a located dysfunction not understood by physiologists, from a molecular degeneration (generalized in an organ or from some organic product), or a complex combination of factors with a psychosomatic basis. The pyramid can't fight a psychosomatic disease per se, as this is a psychological disorder, while the Pyramidal effect is PHYSICAL. That's why biodecoding is the perfect complement; it works in all psychological problems, recommended to everyone who suffers them, even if it's a simple lack of existential happiness. More than being complementary with the pyramidal therapy, biodecoding (neuro-emotionality) and sleeping in a pyramid is the perfect therapeutic combination; many cases, no failures. In all cases, we are talking about Pyramidbeds and Hercules.

Therapeutic Pyramids6- Endocrine diseases: Many endocrine ailments are produced by dysfunction of a gland, by the inappropriate interaction with other organs or by the interaction of the main secretion with subproducts of the gland itself. In the first case, results would be a little uncertain, but up to now, we have obtained notable results, like the recovering in hypo and hyperthyroidism, in cases of the production of distorted molecules they have all been successful. The fastest ones are when the molecular distortion happens because of high levels of oxidation in the producer hormone cells. Among the endocrine ones, we also consider the hepatic and renal, as in all the excretory organs. See about kidney transplants. In all cases, we refer to Pyramibeds and Hercules because the treatment duration can vary weeks or months. Almost all ailments can be in this classification, where we obviously, put aside the psychological and the food ones, or by extreme toxins origin.

To state here the list of all treatable diseases with pyramids would be redundant, so we talk about the ones that we haven't be able to solve totally with pyramid therapy, or that requires combined treatment.

Cancer: Only three treated cases, spectacularly resolved, but because they happen to be a masking symptom. Cancer is the psychosomatic disease par excellence. Cancer is an unconscious "desire to die as soon as possible." With chemotherapy and radiotherapy, people die before time. Concretely, 95% of patients die soon. The resting 5%, of the ones who survive, is IN SPITE OF the therapy, not thanks to it... Three patients treated, no failure.

Psoriasis: A disease as psychosomatic as cancer. Many cases, most of them with poor success, symptomatic and cyclic, but successful with bio-decoding. In spite of kidney protection, always affected by this disease, has been notable and with total recoveries in a very short time. This illness is usually in the company of rheumatic, which has well overcome in all the treated cases.

Escabiosis: It's an infection produced by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. However, affected persons (only two known cases in fifteen years) have had good results combining pyramidotherapy, which avoids the bacterial accessorial infections, regenerates the skin and fortifies the immune system: two cases, success by combined therapy.

Therapeutic PyramidsGenetic Alopecia: Most cases of alopecia occur in specific ethnic groups and manifest from eighteen years old and up. Several cases, no success. BUT... Alopecia areata and bacterial Alopecia: Successful and fast results in many cases. Alopecia areata (it's a dysfunction of the immune system) and, in cases of bacterial alopecia, a total recovery of hair in a few months. It is important to say that they were incipient, being less than 20% already chronic and a severe loss of hair. The results have been almost at the same time. More than thirty cases, all of them successful.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE): With results, but the symptoms still present in the user. The kidney damage, avoided, but the skin still showing up during the cycling emotional crisis, as this illness also has a strong psychosomatic origin. Fourteen cases, partial success, kidney protected and complete success in one case combined with bio-decoding.

Vitiligo: It's not a disease per se, but a genetic tendency, that has a psychosomatic origin, cured with bio-neuro emotional treatment. Although it affects aesthetic concepts, it doesn't represent a live danger, a physical annoyance or anything like that. There are cases (as some medical researchers have stated) of a form of non-genetic and psychosomatic physiological vitiligo, due to some lack of pigmentation due to endocrine dysfunction caused by chemical agents. We believe it would be corrected by sleeping in a pyramid. We haven't known any cases yet.


Characterized by a buzzing in the ears, five people treated, two of them with long chronicity- cured in a few weeks, two haven't had results in almost one year, although they appreciate other effects, and the last one hasn't reported results yet. There are three etiologies for this disease, and possibly a fourth one reported to us recently.

Neuronal: The receptive centers of sound in our brain produce the sound. It's a cell memory, can be corrected with bio-decoding, Ericksonian hypnosis and other similar therapeutic ways. Sound can be present on a wide variety, from severe to light, water sound, etc. Although up to now, no results, they might be in the longer-term.

Nervous rheumatic: It's a cervical problem (rarely happens in other parts of the spine) where the spine has been touched by one or more osteophytes that grow inward, producing a continued message in the brain. The brain manifests or interprets it as sounds in the ears, characterized by an almost always sharp sound (like "eeee" or "uuuu"). This sort of tinnitus seems to heal by sleeping in the pyramid, as well as the following one.

Bacterial niche: There are cases of tinnitus as in many other illnesses where the conventional medicine can't find the cure, due to a significant amount of infectious bacteria that have formed a very particular "ecological niche." They don't have -for example, in the ears- a constant source to multiply indefinitely and spread the infection zone, so they have a steady population that exploits only one blood vessel by nourishing from it. Such cases can lead to severe otitis, but the allopathic cure for it doesn't "delete" the cellular memory, leading into neurological tinnitus. Antibiotics don't usually affect these bacterial niches; they could reduce them temporarily. Pyramidal treatment, before it becomes neuronal tinnitus, will make disappear the niche in hours or as much in days.

Functional tinnitus: The patient - hasn't use the pyramid yet- she describes her condition as a constant beating, not synchronized with the heartbeat, not always synchronized with the left and right ear either. Her condition started when she was 16 years old, with a sports profile, in her early thirties. We consulted our medical team, and they reported these possibilities: It can be a physiological characteristic in which blood pressure is higher in both ears (she doesn't have heart problems or high pressure, but it might be a located sensibility), there might be a bacterial niche in both ears, where the bacteria take advantage of a genetic bone formation, or -the least probable case but still possible- that there could be a neuronal tinnitus, related to a traumatic psychological happening in which she felt her heartbeats strongly. Only, in this last case, the pyramid would not solve the problem itself, but bio-decoding, the pyramid would for sure in the case of bacterial niche, and with a high probability, in the case of located blood pressure.

COMMENT: It's quite logical that the heartbeat doesn't synchronize continuously, with repercussions in other parts of the body, as the asynchrony in the ears. That leads to suppose physiological or biological causes, over the possible neurological and or psychological.

We have obtained excellent results, although they've been only a few cases. It's in a study phase and under clinic investigation protocol, which can't publish until having more cases. However, it's important to highlight that that the pancreas, being an excretory gland, is expected to get the same results we had in all endocrine system. When the cause is the malformation of insulin molecules, the results have to be a fast inexorable correction.

Since it's a disease caused by nanotechnology at the global level and under military classification, it isn't possible to establish a relation with official medicine to obtain more information. What we know is from patients and some worried scientists. Know more about this morgellons disease.