MorgellonsSUMMARY: The pyramids can prevent Morgellons, but we don't know how far they can be used to treat it once diagnosed with material evidence. They are nanoparticles absorbed by unknown means, which the pyramidalized body will quickly eliminate as it occurs with many toxins, preventing their accumulation and subsequent "assembly." But once assembled the corpuscles that give rise to the reaction (epithelial or in internal organs), is very difficult to know if exposure to the pyramidal field could dissolve them as antilithic, as it does with kidney stones and gallstones (lithiasis or with rheumatism, dissolving the crystals of uric acid). As for the bacterial infections from chemtrails fumigation, can be prevented, and the diseases caused can also be treated (and up to gangrene or blood poisoning with the proper pyramids).

This section deals with a problem with severe political repercussions; that's why have no visible links on the rest of the web. It isn't our intention to generate false expectations. Still, we are aware that in the Pyramids are preventive solutions for Morgellons, as well as prevention and treatment of definitive cure for the bacteria issue, which are also dispersed by chemtrails.

We haven't treated with pyramids any case diagnosed as Morgellons, but with all kinds of bacteria, including those that appear in the analysis of collected matter after condensation and precipitation of fumigated substances through chemtrails, as seen in the images below. We have also treated rare cases of developing skin problems, which "could be Morgellons syndrome" but, by optimizing the immune system, as well as all functions of organic liquids thanks to the pyramidal effect, nanoparticles are eliminated before assembling and produce the "fibres." We honestly hope we don't get to know any case.

Eating abundant vegetable fibres (especially fruit and green leaves such as lettuce, endive, chicory, raw spinach, escarole, and watercress) would be for many reasons the most appropriate food to counterattack and prevent the Morgellons Syndrome. Cuba has the most multitudinous and methodical checks of the pyramidal effect (which continues to apply in all hospitals and clinics in the country), with more than 25,000 patients with various ailments, mainly orthopedic, traumatological and rheumatic, just until the year 2005. There are no chemtrails, no cases of Morgellons known, so they haven't had the opportunity to treat anyone. In the twenty days that I was giving lectures in Pinar del Río, Camagüey, Cienfuegos and more than a week in Havana, we couldn't see a track of those that we see in all over Spain, France, and Portugal. We didn't see them either in Venezuela or Egypt, but in Colombia. It is very curious because the weather conditions are very similar and the regular airplanes ARE THE SAME. The same airlines, but you can't see any gray aircraft, without emblems that cloud with chemtrails the European skies.


Dr. Hildegarde Staninger from Los Angeles is one of the scientific authorities that has best investigated the subject of Morguellons. According to her conclusive and indisputable confirmations, contrasted by the Osiris Group with other researchers and collaborators, the statistical conclusions of this syndrome are:

In 2008 were more than 60,000 cases in the USA and 100,000 in the world, with an expansion of one thousand cases per day in the world. California, Texas and Florida carry 26%, according to Dr. H. Staninger. But according to other collaborators, in the State of Oklahoma, there is a more significant increase than in the rest of the country, currently exceeding the rest of the world, at least until the end of 2011. There are unfortunate reports in Africa, but only by some social volunteers, without confirmation by any government. In the images, the microfibers that produce Morgellons disease. The thinnest wires have between one and 20 nanometers (millionths of a millimetre). Its resistance is equal to or greater than the spider web, but the bundles of fibres can reach a thickness close to half of a human hair.


- Rashes on the skin, such as chickenpox, smallpox or as insect bites.

- Sensations of tingling, pain, burning, punctures and small bites under the skin.

- Blue, white, black, red fibres and granules appear under the skin that sometimes accumulates in the form of wrinkles.

- Constant fatigue, a feeling of "having crystals" under the skin and other times in different parts of the body.


- Memory loss.

- The difficulty of attention, loss of self-control, inability to reason and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

- A sensation of isolation, depression and emotional anguish.

- Many Morguellons patients are mistakenly diagnosed as "delirium by parasitosis," itching or compulsive itching as if it was psychopathology. I have treated about five thousand patients in the clinic of clinical psychology, studied in depth all the official and alternative psychological schools, and I never found psychopathies with those characteristics, and less with physical evidence like those presented by Morgellons patients. The closest thing is autolaceration compulsion, in a patient that I met with suicidal engrams from childhood.
Saing this in prosaic words, according to psychiatry, if you scratch a lot because you feel stings you too much and you get burns that come from UNDER the skin, it isn't because there is any material thing in the skin, but you are crazy, obsessed, with "bipolar disorder," or the nerve terminals that make up your peripheral nervous system went mad. Then they give you medicines that contain lithium, among other metals.


- It can affect anyone, with no family history of any similar illness.

- It affects people of any age, from children to the elderly, with the same symptomatology.

Most of the deaths caused until 2011 (mainly due to liver failure), although the figures are not official, they are concentrated in the USA, England and the Netherlands. The most important focal points are in the South East of the USA and Oklahoma.

Pyramids to sleep inside are the SOLUTIONS we can offer, to prevent in case of Morgellons and to heal (guaranteed) in case of bacterial attack. Eight hours a day (or all the time, if you will) in a high purity aluminum pyramid, with the right density qualities, will optimize the circulatory and lymphatic systems very quickly, allowing in a few weeks, all corporal matter to have proper surfactant molecules, this produces an expedite of all organic functions, facilitating the elimination of foreign agents. Morgellons is characterized by not producing the reaction of the immune system but doesn't prevent the action of phages, which do recognize nanoparticles as "objects" not belonging to the body. Nor do antibiotics work, there is only temporary relief with some side effect corticosteroids as dangerous as Morgellons itself. The pyramid produces the optimization of organic liquids and all molecules so that most of any substance not corresponding to the body, is more easily ejected.

In a preventive way, in places where the clouds of chemtrails do not affect too much, a Pyramidbed may be enough, but where the spray is intense, a Hercules is more appropriate, which is about four times more powerful.

MorgellonsThe most unpleasant comes when the person already has the crystals turned into fibres of resistant polymers like a plastic cable. The video below and the links refer us to the most accredited explanation that exists so far, mostly because it comes from Los Angeles, the USA, where the population is more intensely fumigated.

The hairs formed by the Morgellons (fibres) don't have the normal electrostatic. If you put your finger a few millimetres from it, won't react the same, remain unaffected by the epidermal electrostatic from the patient any another subject, this shows a fundamental difference with the biological hair. It indicates that there is an electroconductivity in the fibres of Morgellons that is not typical of a human hair. The hair reacts because electrostatic is there, that is, a very low electroconductivity. It doesn't mean that there's a big difference between the three magnetic conditions (ferromagnetism, diamagnetism, and paramagnetism), but a higher electrical conductivity, caused by transition elements, such as iron, titanium, nickel, and others (those of the group "d" in the periodic table of Mendeleyev).

The third part of the components analyzed is polyester molecules. There have even recently found polyester crystals, such as liquid polyester. The isolated components by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and other scientists, have revealed a PH of 10 or higher, which can only be found in intestines, stomach or liver, which indicates that having that organic affinity in addition to resist the Acid attack, once they reach the skin, literally and punctually "burn," which explains most of the symptomatology, which some skeptical psychiatrists of the "pharmafia" call "obsessive-compulsive itching." In the peripheral nervous system, where the nerve terminals are the ones that produce the tactile sensation (and pain) is where the Morgellons is finally detected.

MorgellonsThe fibres are made up of particles so small that they measure a millionth of a millimetre, which is a nanometer and up to about twenty nanometers. They are joined by other particles called nano-assemblers, nanorobots that go to specific areas by chemical, magnetic or electrical affinity, and join related particles forming the fibres, which are then grouped in bundles, like a cable. The approximate mechanism consists of an agglomeration of components that, once developed in its basic structure, can feed on the energy produced by the body's own cells.

Some of these fibres burn at 315 ºC and, others formed by polyester and other organic compounds, gold, and silicon, resist up to 760 ºC.

The most severe problem is that once it's symptomatic on the skin, where is physical evidence, nobody can say to what extent internal organs are infected, so many deaths may have been caused by the Morgellons, although diagnosed as some other ailment.

It's not contagious, because it isn't a natural parasite, it doesn't reproduce, it is not biological but artificial, it's produced by terrestrial laboratories, with terrestrial technology, with compounds already used usually in electronics and nanotechnology.

THE OTHER PROBLEM is biological (chemtrails fumigations). It is the dispersion of large amounts of biological material that may or may not be treated or "completed" with nanotechnology. But already with the bacterial issue, we have a serious problem solved with the pyramids with all guarantees, even if it's a severe infection such as septicemia or gangrene. Below, the biological report of samples collected in the Sierra de Guadarrama in September 2009. This document was used to make complaints throughout Spain and beyond. No judge dared to hear this case, in which if it was a minimum of justice, at least the complainants should be imprisoned for promoting panic.

No molecular analysis was performed in the sample examination, so it couldn't rule out whether were substances that could later develop a Morgellons.

MorgellonsMicrobiological Analysis Report of 4 samples of dispersed natural surfaces, obtained in the Sierra de Guadarrama on July 3, 2009, and taken with cotton, from chemtrails.

1- Cotton 1: an excess of intestinal enterobacteria with an almost exclusive presence of Enterobacter cloacae (cream colonies of the attached photo in PCA) Possible discharges of the toilet cisterns? But with a curious absence of E. coli, which would be the most frequent bacteria if it were a discharge of human toilets.

2- Cotton 2: an excess of intestinal enterobacteria with an almost exclusive presence of Enterobacter cloacae and secondarily of Shigella sonnei and Yersinia enterocolitica. Possible discharge of the toilet of a person with gastroenteritis? But with a curious absence of E. coli, which would be the most frequent bacteria if it were a discharge of human toilets.

Morgellons3- Cotton 3: an excess of intestinal enterobacteria with an almost exclusive presence of Enterobacter cloacae and secondarily of Shigella sonnei. Possible discharge of the toilet from a person with gastroenteritis? But with a curious absence of E. coli, which would be the most frequent bacteria if it were a discharge of human toilets.

4- Cotton 4: an excess of intestinal enterobacteria with an almost exclusive presence of Enterobacter cloacae and secondarily of Yersinia enterocolitica. Possible discharge of the toilet from a person with gastroenteritis? But with a curious absence of E. coli, which would be the most frequent bacteria if it were a discharge of human toilets.

MorgellonsNotes and conclusions:
In all cases, a very high concentration of Gram-negative bacteria and facultative fermentators (oxidase- and catalase +) resistant to the bile salts, therefore of bacteria whose habitat is the intestinal tract. The dominant species is Enterobacter cloacae in all four cases. However, the fact that the proportions between species don't correspond in any case expected in the intestinal tract of a healthy human, where more than 95% of the flora would be E.coli, while in the samples, this species doesn't even appear. We can't draw definitive conclusions about the real origin of the samples, only to say that they don't correspond to a healthy natural habitat, and much less scattered by a garden and the mountains of the Sierra de Madrid.



In this video, subtitled in Spanish, we can see first hand the statements of the expert in Industrial Toxicology, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger. In the links below, sufficient information from various parts of the world.






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