Pyramids Gibur

Pyramids Gibur

The "Gibur" model is designed based on the "Vital" model, but consisting of TWO PYRAMIDS, with a suitable interior distribution to large families or people who need a lot of space for various activities.

NOTE: All our prices include shipping, therefore they will vary depending on the destination.
Please CONTACT US to know the final price. Thank you.

The total price varies as in all models, depending on the various options, such as location, terrain conditions, interiors, and other factors. Ask us without obligation.

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GiburThe exterior aesthetics (number and distribution of windows, colour and design of the roof, etc.), as well as many interior features, can be modified according to personal tastes and needs. The interior has excellent warmth, thanks to the high-quality of wood on walls and floors, whether they are phenolic, laminated, parquet or ceramic boards.

Like the "Vital" Model, it has a system of independent use for service and drinking water, allowing longer magnetic charging time to the latter use. It also has an automatic fire prevention and extinguishing system, so that although the material used is basically wood, between the water system and the outer ceramic roof makes fire almost impossible.


Gibur It depends on the options. The delivery period is 180 days once the contract is signed, the warranty is ten years and assistance on therapeutic uses is for life. The total price - key in hand - varies as in all models, depending on the various options, such as location, terrain conditions and other factors. The price will also vary according to the internal distribution, being able to have countless variants in terms of material options. Setting up a price for each case requires many hours of work because it includes a basic geobiological study of the terrain and surrounding conditions with the cost of € 2,000, which is deducted from the total if the construction happens. EXTRAS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE, BUT NOT IN CONSTRUCTION: Pool, garage of 42 m², abundant, free and autonomous electricity production system by wind.

Initial contact

- Once you have chosen a product; Contact us by email with any questions you may have.


- We get back to you and communicate until everything is clear.

- We determine the dates for payment and shipping or installation, depending on the case.

Payment & Shipping

- Once made the payment via Bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union or Paypal depending on the case, we proceed to send or install the pyramids according to the agreed date.


Gabriel SilvaBuying a pyramid is not an expense, but one of the best investments in life. The purchase of our service of "advice and material contribution for pyramids" is secure and guaranteed. For us, the diffusion and use of pyramids is a work of conscience. We would like to live in a world where there is no need to "sell" our service.

The manufacture of high-quality pyramids requires expensive industrial processes; the materials have been a challenge for our team. The manufacture of economic pyramids is limited only to those made out of wood. However, they require much more weight to produce the same results as high purity aluminum. The construction of pyramids is a technical and medical responsibility.

The correctly built pyramid has these characteristics: Antirheumatic, myorelaxant, antibacterial (bacteriostatic, doesn't damage the intestinal flora), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, sedative and all that without side effects. But a pyramid containing ferromagnetic or diamagnetic materials (even those of poor quality aluminum) is a risk that Piramicasa will never take. That's why we CERTIFY in writing the quality of our products.